Very Popular Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919

In true Calatrava fashion, the amazing replica houses a very clean and symmetrical dial. On the crisp white lacquer dial, we see the traditional black Roman numerals, the small seconds sub-dial, and the leaf-style hour and minute hands. It's crucial to note that the hands are, as a matter of fact, fashioned from white gold; however they are black nickel-plated to give them their darker color.
New to the Calatrava 3919 was the manual-wound Caliber 215 PS movement, which subsequently added the running seconds indicator at 6 o'clock on the dial. Operating at 28,800 beats per hour, the Caliber 215 PS provides around 44 hours of power reserve to the Calatrava 3919.

The Calatrava ref. 3919 was finally replaced by the larger Calatrava in 2006 after two decades of production. While the overall appearances of the two replica watches are near-identical to the untrained eye, many consider the ref. 3919 to be the typical Patek Philippe Calatrava.
While the reference 3919 Calatrava is not a part of the current replica Patek Philippe catalog any more, is it still a model that belongs on many watch collectors' wish lists - and owing to its utterly timeless design, it will almost surely look just as good decades from now as it does today.

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The Calatrava has been the replica Patek Philippe's signature dress watch for well over eight decades with a history that dates from the year of 1932. Featuring an elegant slim case and a clean and legible dial, it's easy to see why so many have fallen under the spell of the elegant Calatrava timepiece. Throughout the long history of the Calatrava, Patek Philippe has produced several iterations of the watch including the iconic reference 3919. Now we turn our attention to the classic Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919 to emphasize what makes this watch stand the test of time.

Patek Philippe released the Calatrava 3919 in 1985, thus replacing the preceding model, the Calatrava reference 3520. Although larger than its predecessor, the Calatrava ref. 3919 still sports a modest 33.5 mm case, measuring a mere 6.5 mm thick.
One of the 3919's most outstanding features is its "Clou de Paris" guilloché bezel. The 3919 was not the first Calatrava to feature this intricate bezel - that honor goes to the ref. 3520 - but it is a design trait that is closely associated with the 3919. The double layers of mini pyramid accents on the bezel framing the dial lends a striking design touch to an otherwise understated dress watch. Another feature that the 3919 carried over from its predecessor is the quartet of straight lugs that serve to attach the leather strap to the case.

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