Deere & Co. Engines – Add-on Pulleys

Phoenix Casting & Machining is proud to provide a complete line of add-on components for the Deere Diesel Engines, including the Power Tech series engines. All of our auxiliary power components are covered by our Phoenix Casting & Machining Limited Warranty.

Since Phoenix Casting & Machining has manufactured Deere engine pulleys for more than 25 years, we can manufacture pulleys for engines no longer listed below. Pulleys for the obsolete engines are available on a non-stock basis.

Powertech  & Yanmar Equivalent


Engine# of GroovesType of GroovesPulley DiameterPart Number
4039 2B6.8"16-00042
6068D & T2B7.0"16-00178
6081A, H & T2B6.8"16-00184
6081A, H & T3B6.8"16-00187