SAE Housing Adapters & Spacers

Phoenix Casting & Machining manufactures a wide variety of SAE adapters to help with your special needs. Stock adapters are manufactured from aluminum or steel. Most components can be manufactured from special alloys to your specifications.

Some standard adapters that are different by one size will have a setback of one inch and many require a flywheel spacer.  A Special or Zero offset Must be indicated when requesting a quote or when placing an order. If you request something other than our standard items, please keep in mind that the part number will change, therefore please order by description, unless a new part number has been provided via our quotation.

Single Step

EngineApplianceSetbackPart Number
SAE 6SAE 51"26-00353
SAE 5SAE 41"26-00304
SAE 4SAE 50.13"26-02303
SAE 4SAE 51"26-00303
SAE 4SAE 31"26-00306
SAE 4BW0"26-01328
SAE 3SAE 40.13"26-01305 *
SAE 3SAE 41"26-00305
SAE 3SAE 21"26-00308
SAE 3SAE 21"26-00328*
SAE 2SAE 30.13"26-00368 *
SAE 2SAE 31"26-00307
SAE 2SAE 11"26-00310
SAE 1SAE 20"26-00334 *
SAE 1SAE 21"26-00309
SAE 1/2SAE 00"26-01331 *

Double Step

EngineApplianceSetbackPart Number
SAE 5SAE 30"26-00131
SAE 4SAE 21"26-00316
SAE 3SAE 50"26-00130
SAE 3SAE 11"26-00315
SAE 2SAE 40"26-00331
SAE 2SAE 41"26-00330
SAE 1SAE 30"26-01318
SAE 1SAE 31"26-00318
SAE 1SAE 00"26-00508*
SAE 0SAE 10"26-01312*
SAE 0SAE 11"26-00188*

Housing Spacer

EngineApplianceSetbackPart Number
SAE 5SAE 50.75"26-00531
SAE 5SAE 51"26-00347
SAE 5SAE 51.5"26-00171
SAE 4SAE 40.5"26-00371
SAE 4SAE 40.75"26-00190
SAE 4SAE 41"26-00023
SAE 4SAE 41.13"26-10612
SAE 4SAE 41.25"26-00520
SAE 4SAE 42.0"26-00503
SAE 3SAE 30.5"26-00335
SAE 3SAE 30.6"26-00327
SAE 3SAE 31"26-00338
SAE 3SAE 31.25"26-00514
SAE 3SAE 31.5"26-00392
SAE 3SAE 32.19"26-00337
SAE 2SAE 20.75"26-00358
SAE 2SAE 21"26-00140
SAE 1SAE 10.5"26-00355
SAE 1SAE 10.75"26-01314
SAE 1SAE 11"26-00147
SAE 1SAE 11.25"26-00373
SAE 1SAE 11.50"26-00175
SAE 0SAE 01"26-00261*

NOTE:  Items with (*) are made from steel, not aluminum.