Returned Goods Policy

  1. All auxiliary engine parts sold by Phoenix Casting & Machining, Inc. are subject to the following Returned Goods Policy:
  2. A return authorization number MUST be obtained before any item can be returned to Phoenix Casting & Machining, Inc. To obtain this number, please contact your Customer Service Representative at (402) 751-2135.
  3. Phoenix Casting & Machining, Inc. has a minimum restocking charge of $15.00 on all items returned for credit. This restocking charge does not apply to any items being returned due to defects. However, a return authorization is required before returning any item. Freight must be prepaid.
  4. Normally stocked items returned for exchange will be subject to the minimum restocking charge of $15.00.
  5. Non-stocked items returned for exchange will be subject to a 20 % restocking charge.
  6. Normally stocked items returned without an exchange will be subject to a 30% restocking charge.
  7. Non-stocked items returned without an exchange, will be subject to a 50% restocking charge.
  8. Custom items returned will be charged at least a 70% restocking fee.

NOTE:  Your Return Authorization number must appear on the exterior of the shipping carton or that piece will be refused.